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About Us

For those who cover long distances with their mind or those preferring to do it with their legs.
For those born with a suitcase and for those who feel like a snail, always carrying their houses on their backs.
For those who dream of stars and stripes but will make do, so to speak, with a tango in Paris.
You can have all of this and more by embarking on an incredible journey which has lasted almost 30 years through its origins in Florence which have now extended overseas.
Halldis believes that ‘travel’ means quality, comfort and attention to detail, personalized assistance and a vast portfolio within the main Italian and European cities, which are able to meet every need. Our great experience in offering tailor-made solutions for those who travel often, both for holiday or business, has taught us that it is always worth aiming for the best to provide our guests with the opportunity to feel an integral part of any city, without compromise.
‘Serviced rental’ doesn’t mean much by itself but, for us, it incorporates everything based upon a philosophy: Halldis hand-picks the place which will replace your cravings for a home. Whether this appears in the form of an apartment overlooking the canals or with a view of the Pantheon, a dream villa in the tranquility of the Tuscan countryside or a studio flat in the heart of the European Quarters, this is a piece of cake for us: we always show the same effort and dedication. Our next challenge? Help our guests to reveal the hidden wonders of Italy, priceless gems within the Alps, lakes or magical artistic cities, where you can rediscover the pleasure of discovery, even without wandering too far off.

Whichever your destination may be, welcome home.

Halldis About Us

The long road between Florence and Milan
We satisfy your homely needs since 1986

  • In 1986 Leonardo Ferragamo launches Windows on Tuscany (later to become Windows on Italy): the emotion of living a dream in a splendid villa in Tuscany is no longer impossible.

  • Together with Pietro Martani, the intuition to focus on serviced apartments lands in Italy: we are in 2002 and, from just a few hundred apartments in Milan, the portfolio has been progressively expanding and now includes some of the most important cities in Italy – Rome – and Europe (Paris)
  • In 2007, Pietro Martani and Leonardo Ferragamo co-found Windows on Europe: if every trip is a discovery, why should you renounce your desire to feel at home?

Halldis About Us
  • Halldis is not only about apartments but also business centres (the elegant skyscraper, Blend Tower, in Milan in 2010 and the revolutionary Copernico, planned for 2015; Torre Eva in Mestre, Venice in 2012; Science 14 in the European Quarters in Brussels, in 2011), prestigious villas (Windows on Italy), together with years of experience in the hospitality and tourism industry and the added benefit of a simple and effective ad hoc booking and management software – Bookingdom.
Halldis per i proprietari

Different needs, customized solutions
Whatever you need Halldis will find the perfect solution for you

  • Forproperty owners, our experience is at your service
  • Forcompanies, a unique partnership for every business trip
  • Foragencies, the entire portfolio is one click away
  • Forjournalists, our story covered by the media
  • Forour customers, an assortment of destinations where you will always feel at home