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Brussels Guide

Young and multi-ethnic city, hot spot for finance, commerce and politics, Brussels offers a lively artistic and cultural life as well.

Headquarters of the European Union and of the N.A.T.O., Brussels hosts many important meetings and congresses and is a truly interesting city, culturally rich and open-minded.

The principal tourist attractions are Saint Micheal and Gudule’s Cathedral and Notre Dames du Sablon. Besides the many testimonies of Art Noveau, Brussels, with its hectares of forests and its town parks, is considered the greenest capital of the world.

The luxurious showcases of the Galerie de la Toison d’or, Rue de Namur, Boulevard Waterloo and Avenue Louise are just a few of the ideal places for shopping in Brussels. The Sablon is an interesting area for all antique lovers and market goers.

Brussels offers plenty of restaurants where one can taste its famous cuisine and its excellent beer. In addition to its luxurious hotels, as an ideal destination for young people Brussels also offers a wide range of B&Bs, hostels, apartments for rent, lodges, serviced apartments,self catering apartments and vacation rentals.