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Paris Guide

Paris is one of the most important and influential metropolis of the world and a crucial cultural, historical, economical and political centre. Paris has also always been the most romantic city par excellence.

Rich in wonderful museums, characteristic quarters and arrondissements, elegant cafés, luxury boutiques, markets and well-kept green areas, Paris assembles different ethnic communities, which give dynamism and colour to this city.

Moreover, Paris is a city suitable for every kind of visitor, able to satisfy every need, thanks to the presence of various museums and artworks, not forgetting its numerous pubs, bars and meeting place for younger people too.

To fully enjoy a city rich in culture, art and amusement such as Paris, we suggest you consult our Paris attractions guide to find out what it can offer you!

The most important fashion brands are available in Rue Faubourg St Honoré, Rue de Rivoli and Avenue Montaigne, while on the right bank of the Seine one finds the most commercial area of Paris, perfect for shopping, as it is full of stores and shopping centres.


For your holidays in Paris, the city offers a great number of restaurants, where one can taste one of the most appreciated cuisines of Europe, and a lot of bars and pubs, where one can fully enjoy the nightlife of the city. Besides luxury hotels and luxury apartments, Paris, being a key destination for young people too, offers a wide range of B&Bs, furnished and serviced self catering apartments and hostels, and a large variety of lodgings in Paris houses, even for a long term accommodation.