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The large selection of Halldis vacation rentals in Genoa is the ideal solution for those who plan a holiday in Liguria, but are tired of the usual hotel rooms.

Choosing a furnished apartment, also for a short period, is a stress-free way of living at the very heart of Genoa, close to the port -the busiest of Italy-, the promenade and the Aquarium.
All Halldis vacation rentals are tailor-made to adjust to the different needs of our guests (apartments of different sizes, with a range of personalised services) and can be available on short notice, from a minimum of only 3 days to over a year.

Other advantages of Halldis are :
- Quick booking process with the round-the-clock assistance of our experienced team
- Flexible, ad hoc contract conditions, based on length of stay and specific requirements
- Cost-effective prices in comparison to hotels, especially for families and groups

Look at the map below for a selection of our vacation rentals in Genoa: click on the detail and see the full description of the apartment you like the most, or write to us or call us directly at +39 010 7983103.