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Staying in Trastevere

One of the many beauties of Rome is that you will constantly lose yourself, even unintentionally. It is said that all roads lead to Rome, but every street in Rome leads to a special place, often hidden in the shadow of buildings or historical monuments. Just a moment before you are walking from Piazza Venezia to Campo dei Fiori, maybe walking through Via del Corso and its shops so loved by shopping enthusiasts.

In a clumsy attempt to take a shortcut, you slip into an alley hoping of getting where you need to go sooner while avoiding the tourists, but strangely the sound of the Tiber River reaches your ears. You cross the bridge that takes you from one bank to the other, leaving the Tiber Island behind you as you finally open your eyes when the district of Trastevere, one of the most beautiful in Rome, stretches out in front of you.

Its name derives from the Latin trans Tiberim which precisely means beyond the Tiber. Within its extension it includes the Gianicolo hill, famous throughout Italy as the site of the cannon that shoots every Sunday at noon. There are many palaces and historical monuments that embellish the streets of this neighborhood.

Like Villa Farnesina, which dates back to the 16th century. Or the botanical garden of Rome, loved by all citizens of the capital, located in the garden of Palazzo Corsini.  Let’s not forget about the many religious sites such as the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere and the church of Sant’Onofrio on the Gianicolo hill just to name 2 illustrious examples.

Choosing to stay in Trastevere is an interesting option for those who want to experience what seems to be the old Roman city of the past. Despite the passing of the years, according to Roman citizens themselves, the district of Trastevere has preserved genuine characteristics that were the basis of the whole city of Rome.

Staying in Trastevere means first and foremost spending a bit less than lodging in the historic city center. It means being a lover of nightlife as its streets and alleys in the evening come to life and welcome a multitude of people in lively venues where excellent cocktails are served at all hours of the night. Some beautiful apartments in areas such as Vicolo de’ Cinque, Vicolo del Bologna, and Via della Fonte d’Olio are all located in a perfectly central position.

There are many areas in which to find accommodation but Trastevere is a contained district in terms of size that you can enjoy on foot or by public transportation. Kuhn and the most appreciated areas are full of restaurants and taverns from whose kitchens’ delectable aromas waft. Like La Tana de’ Noantri, which offers traditional cuisine. Or La Parolaccia, which as the name suggests, presents the customer with an alternative evening, with decidedly more stringent language than what would be heard in a luxury restaurant.

The areas where young people meet in the evening are Piazza Trilussa and the other areas adjacent to the aforementioned Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere. Not far away, for those in search of an aperitif, there is Freni e Frizioni: one of the most fashionable bars in the city, very popular and famous for the quality of their cocktails.