New partnership, 600 Hallidis apartments incorporated in Visionapartments offers


New partnership, 600 Halldis apartments incorporated in the offerings of Swiss operator Visionapartments

New partnership, 600 Halldis apartments incorporated in the offerings of Swiss operator Visionapartments
Halldis, the Milan-based Italian leader in the market of temporary leases for work or leisure travelers, in business since 1986 and with more than 1,600 properties managed in 25 European locations, and Visionapartments, a Zurich-based company founded in  1999, which specializes in the management of medium- and short-term leases of high-end apartments located in Switzerland’s major cities (Zurigo, Losanna, Ginevra), as well as Berlin, Munich, Warsaw and Vienna have signed a business agreement.
As a result of this partnership, 600 properties managed by  Halldis in Italy, and, in particular, those located in Bologna, Florence, Milan, Venice and Verona are now being advertised on the   Visionapartments site. The agreement is an unsurprising outcome between two companies sharing many attributes: same business model for the acquisition, management and promotion of properties; similarities in their origins – both are start-ups, with Halldis founded by Pietro Martani, the current CEO of Windows on Europe, a corporate Group of which Halldis is a member, and  Visionapartments by Anja Graf, its current CEO –, and, identical target customer base: business travelers and tourists.
“We are pleased – says Moussa Samake, Halldis Head of Sales and Strategic Partnerships – about our partnership with a sector leader like Visionapartments. It is a strategic partnership for our respective business models, which share evident similarities. It will expand offers, marketing efforts and promotions, granting Halldis recognition as a market leader in Italy and provider of quality services”.
“It is an honor to partner with Halldis, an Italian leader in the short-lease market”, – says Anja Graf, Visionapartments CEO - “In today’s time of globalization, our market requires valuable partnerships like this. To become strong, individual key players like Halldis and Visionapartments have to work together closely. We are looking forward to this collaboration and are pleased to have Halldis as our exclusive partner for Italy in our growing global network of serviced apartments.”