Russia, the newest market for the latest quest!

Halldis maintains its steady growth in its quest for being “everyone’s” solution to every accommodation need.

Whilst specialising in both corporate apartments and vacation rentals as well as offering serviced office spaces, all of which from very short to medium-long term, Halldis maintains its steady expansion both in portfolio and market reach.

January 2007 saw new destinations, with an important portfolio addition of apartments for rent in Brussels and apartments for rent in Frankfurt. February 2007, on the other hand, sees the opening of a whole new market with the launch of the website in Russian, www.ru.halldis.com.

As always, the quest for a new market begins with the desire to expand a dynamic international team in order to better “accommodate” and assist clients with a personal touch, in their own language, latest of which Russian. The result of wanting to understand client needs, to date, is a team of experts of 8 different nationalities able to advise and assist in finding apartments for rent in 9 cities in a total of 4 different countries, with more to come..


Frankfurt, Halldis adds yet another destination to its portfolio of apartments

After Paris and Brussels it’s Frankfurt’s turn. The newest addition in corporate apartments Halldis offers its managers and professionals is in the all important German city, a crossroads for European business. With a population of over 650 thousand, a metropolitan area of 5 million people, an excellent transport system (the airport alone is one of the most important in Europe) and top services, the banks of the river Main are scenarios to the headquarters of the ECB – European Central Bank, Bundesbank, the German Stock Exchange, but also companies such as Sanofi-Aventis and financial institutes such as Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank and Commerzbank.

Why choose Frankfurt, after Paris and Brussels? “The German market alone adds up to 15% of our company revenue, and Frankfurt is the heart of German international business – explains Pietro Martani, founder and president of Halldis – We decided to launch our activity on the banks of the Main to be present in one of the most vibrant places in Europe, and to develop Germany not only as a market but also as a destination for our clients. Frankfurt has now become key in supplying services, in addition to being traditionally a finance capital: all the top consulting companies in the world have offices here and some (among which our own clients) even have their European headquarters based here.”

Reservation requests may be done directly online (http://www.halldis.com, a site written in 6 languages), by calling the local number at tel. +49 69 2573.78893 (German, English, Italian and French speaking assistance guaranteed), or through the central office in Milan (tel. +39 -02 89.82.71), where Customer Se


Brussels sees the launch of the newest Halldis corporate apartments

Halldis launched today its newest offer in corporate and private apartments by adding to its portfolio one of the most dynamic European capitals: Brussels. During the launch ceremony of these new apartments and vacation rentals one couldn’t help but keep in mind that Brussels is considered the “head” of the European body, and is synonymous with European Union, where most business ventures originate not only for the historical Members of the EU but also for the most recent ones (Poland, Czech Republic, the Baltic) and the future ones (Bulgaria and Rumania).

Halldis offers managers, professionals and private clients the benefits of fully serviced and furnished private apartments, with on-the-spot assistance, in major Italian cities (Milan, Turin, Bologna, Rome, Florence, Venice) and around Europe in Paris and, as of today, Brussels.

Reservations are easily done directly online (http://www.halldis.com, a site written in 6 languages) or through the central office in Milan (tel. +39 -02 89.82.71), where Customer Service and Assistance has a dynamic team of 7 different nationalities: Italian, English, French, Span