Nadia in the city of love
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Nadia in the city of love


When I arrived in Verona, I immediately understood that this city is a truly hidden gem that offers amazing historic landmarks. If you want to spend a romantic weekend, this place is absolutely a great choice. I rented a beautiful Halldis apartment in Piazza delle Erbe and just being located in the city centre was so exciting and vibrant.


This square is full of life providing: indeed, you will find restaurants, sitting areas and historic attractions. Moreover, here you can experience a daily local market, where you can find fresh fruit and vegetables, plants and flowers, but also typical products like oil and wine. And finally, for those who are fond of shopping, there are a great number of shops and boutiques.


Piazza delle Erbe was also the central square in Roman times and it is still surrounded by many magnificent buildings. One of them is Torre del Gardello, a clock tower which was built in 1370. This tower hosts the most ancient clock bell of the city and is located right next to Palazzo Maffei. This Baroque building was built in the 17th century and is on the north-western side of Piazza delle Erbe.


Did I mention that my apartment was inside the Palazzo Maffei? Obviously, this location provided guaranteed satisfaction for my vacation on the first day.


What I appreciated most about this Halldis apartment is that you feel like you are in the most advantageous position, right in the city centre. Indeed, every landmark was within 5/10 minute walking distance.


Is it fabulous or not? You don’t even need to rent a car or buy a public transportation pass!


The balcony of Juliette‘s house was literally a few steps from our apartment. The setting of the famous Shakespeare’s tragedy still summons thousands of tourists, or better, pilgrims, who can have a rest in the romantic courtyard.


Other two not-to-be-missed attractions in Verona are for sure Castel Vecchio and the Arena, both 5 minute walk from my apartment. As you can see from my picture, the Arena is a Roman amphitheatre. It was built in the 1st century and today it is still used as setting for famous large-scale opera.


According to me, the best moment of the day to visit Castel Vecchio, build in the Middle Ages, is the evening. Probably you are wondering why. Well, from the sunset on, magic lights enhance the beauty of this building and make it even more fascinating!


I came here just for a weekend, but if you will have the possibility to stay for more or less a week, take advantage of the fact that Venice is less than an hour drive from Verona. It’s a unique chance to visit another magic city and most important, the train ticket is very cheap!


To conclude a wonderful weekend, nothing is better than walking down the Adige River. You will remain breathless if you go there during the sunset…magic atmosphere…magic light…magic landscape.

I spent 2 days in the city centre and walked everywhere. The city is vibrant, both during the day and the night.

If you have few free days and you don’t know where to go, my tip is “Verona!”. With Halldis, you have the chance to rent a comfortable apartment in the city centre and breath the magical atmosphere of the City of Love!


Spend an incredible holiday in Verona and find your tailor-made accommodation!