The 10 Best Restaurants in Florence for a Fiorentina Steak
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The 10 Best Restaurants in Florence for a Fiorentina Steak

When it comes to Fiorentine, it is easy to get confused. From a purely linguistic point of view, the word Fiorentina can be quite deceiving. It can refer to:

The soccer team
A rare steak
A beautiful girl from Florence

Today, however, we will not talking about football or even girls. I am here to focus on the ten best restaurants in Florence where you can eat an excellent Fiorentina, the noblest part of the cow, served with its characteristic T shape, with the filet still attached to the side, weighing one kilo and is at least 4 centimeters high.

Buca Mario

Right in the heart of Florence, this osteria has been in business since 1886. This restaurant holds a special place in the hearts of all the Florentines who have been going there for years to eat an excellent Fiorentina. The restaurant is in all respects in a hole or buca in the old cellars typically located under historic buildings. At Buca Mario, in addition to a great Fiorentina cooked to perfection, there are also traditional Tuscan dishes and a respectable wine list.

Il Latini

A stone’s throw from the Arno, and not too far from Piazza della Repubblica, you will find the Il Latini restaurant, which offers visitors one of the best (and most expensive) Fiorentina steaks in the city. On the menu there are also traditional Florentine peasant dishes including ribollita. Their fiaschetteria was also very famous but was unfortunately not spared by Florence’s great flood. The story goes that despite the damage, the restaurant continued to serve Florentines in the mud-covered streets.

Trattoria Mario

Located in the central market area, the famous Trattoria Mario is a small restaurant in the city center where you can enjoy an authentic Florentine trattoria experience. The restaurant is housed in the old stables of the current Palazzo Alessandri, once known to the citizens of Florence as Palazzo Gattamelata, whose construction dates back to 1536. The space was transformed into a real restaurant in 1957 and immediately became famous for the quality of its soups, pappa al pomodoro, and of course the Fiorentina.

Buca Lapi
Another buca or hole open since 1808 is the trattoria Buca Lapi with its traditional Tuscan dishes and open floor plan kitchen. Traditional flavors are intertwined with abundant portions, in perfect harmony with Florentine style. In the cellars of Palazzo Antinori, at the crossroads of Via de’ Tornabuoni, Buca Lapi is one of the few places in Florence you can go to without a doubt and will leave with a full belly!


If you want to venture into the Oltrarno, there is the trattoria l'Brindellone that will welcome you with open arms in the area of San Frediano. Those who have been rave about its excellent value for money. This restaurant is famous all throughout Florence for its quality Fiorentina cooked to perfection and the family environment, which creates a pleasant atmosphere where you can try traditional peasant dishes from Tuscany.

Sergio Gozzi

Right in Piazza San Lorenzo, this small, characteristic, and refined restaurant is able to attract a heterogeneous clientele. The particularity of Gozzi lies in the fact that it is only open for lunch and, in addition to its famous Fiorentina, it also offers a pappa al pomodoro worthy of its name. Gozzi pays close attention to the wine list that can make even the most demanding customer happy.

Photo by Number55


A restaurant with an exotic name, but with a solid knowledge of traditional recipes. All the Florentines know it as they have been eating there for decade. News of its inimitable steak has spread abroad, so much so, that many foreign tourists can be seen dining here. The restaurant is located in Piazza della Libertà and also offers an interesting dessert menu.

Da Burde

This is another restaurant in Florentine history where you can savor a Fiorentina with French provenance. Open since the early 20th century, the restaurant is currently managed by the expert hands of 2 brothers who have managed to bring the cuisine to modern day. There is a wide selection of wines and other specialties such as boiled meats make this restaurant a little gem.

La chianineria - Trattoria dell’Oste

One of the “new” arrivals is the Trattoria dell’Oste, which serves only IGP quality Chianina meat and was immediately noticed by Florentine customers, who now view it as a reference point for tasty dinners that liven up evenings in the city. The prices are average and the quality is high, which mainly lies in the careful choice of the raw materials and is this chianineria’s strength.


Cammillo, located on Borgo San Jacopo, closes the tour of the 10 best restaurants for a Fiorentina in Florence. This restaurant also celebrates Florence’s glorious past but today still offers a Fiorentina of the highest standards, cooked on the grill as tradition dictates. This restaurant has a family atmosphere that will make you feel at home and will deliver a homemade dinner that you will not easily forget.