Venice Santa Lucia railway station
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Venice Santa Lucia railway station


The story of Palazzo Mazzoni is intertwined with that of the nearby Santa Lucia railway station, as Palazzo Mazzoni used to be the station’s power central. In 1846, when Venice still belonged to the Habsburg Empire, the first bridge connecting the lagoon to the mainland was opened.

In the same year, the convent and the nearby church of Santa Lucia were demolished to be replaced by the city’s first railway station.


Already at the beginning of the XX century, the newborn railway station started to fall short of resources, because of its extreme closeness to the Canal Grande and the reduced space available for the incoming travelers. At the end of the First World War, the fascist regime brought the construction industry back to life.

The renovation works were entrusted to architect Angiolo Mazzoni, who together with architect Virgilio Vallot worked from 1936 to 1943 at the construction of the passengers’ building. The whole building was then completed only after the end of the Second World War – in 1952 – with the help of Paolo Perilli.


Angiolo Mazzoni was then in charge of the nearby power station planning, whose main purpose was to burn the coal to heat up the station and the passengers’ coaches, and it thus comprised several buildings with a variety of functions.

The building followed the principles of rational architecture: the spaces were all planned according to the rule of the golden section to respect internal proportions. The volcano saw the light together with the power central and for more than 30 years from its inauguration (1937), it endlessly piped energy into the nearby railway station.


If you have decided to come to Venice by train, you will be glad to discover that the marvelous apartments of Palazzo Mazzoni await you moments away, in the stunning Cannaregio district.


Should you travel with your luggage, you won’t have to climb any bridge or take any ferry. Right on track n° 1 a small door leads from the platform to Halldis apartments, placed right in the heart of the city and steps from the main attractions.


The building has been recently renovated according to the style of the former Mazzoni power station, a Rational building once providing heat to the nearby Santa Lucia railway station. Today, this is the place where to recharge your batteries, so that you will be at top form and fully enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


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