Arezzo e Cortona
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Arezzo - Cortona

With hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, they are therefore the perfect destination for people who want to spend a holiday in Tuscany to discover the ancient Etruscan civilization, old villages and hilly landscapes.

Discover Arezzo - Cortona

Staying in Cortona and its surroundings in Tuscany is an ideal opportunity to visit the region’s inland area.

Cortona is a very ancient town that has been named “one of the twelve Etruscan cities”: today it preserves the ancient charm that the later buildings and structures have further enhanced. In particular, in Castelfiorentino you can visit the Franciscan hermitage erected for St. Francis of Assisi, Le Celle: it is a monastery commissioned by the saint to welcome pilgrims on their way to Assisi. For Etruscan art enthusiasts, Cortona is a must-visit destination: it is home to one of the most important Etruscan art museums in the world.

Arezzo is a Tuscan city with an inimitable natural, environmental and cultural heritage. On the one hand, it has inherited the allure of ancient Etruscan civilization on show in the archaeological museum and in the Roman amphitheatre, and on the other hand it boasts a strategic position in relation to the whole of Val d’Orcia. This is precisely why choosing to stay in Arezzo and the surrounding area is an excellent choice for those wishing to visit the near surrounding hills, villages and castles: in particular, Il Borro, the Ferragamo family’s estate, whose wine tradition exists in perfect harmony with the rest of the village. Another unmissable stop in the vicinity of Arezzo is Sansepolcro, a town founded by pilgrims returning from the Holy Land and home to the genius Piero Della Francesca.

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