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Home to Europe's most iconic institutions, the European Parliament and the European Commission, Brussels is a melting pot of different nationalities and cultures.

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Halldis offers furnished and ready-to-use apartments in the best districts of Brussels, you just have to decide which area you wish to stay in.

Though often overlooked, the city of Brussels is packed with places of cultural interest and compelling architecture. A good place to start your tour of the city is the Grand Place, one of the most beautiful squares in the world, where the light effects at sunset are truly spectacular.

Around the square are the Houses of the Corporations, which date back to a time when work was carried out by expert craftsmen: trips to the House of the Traders or the House of the Brewers, flanked by its famous museum, have always been very popular among visitors to Brussels.

Brussels’ many places of interest include the Royal Museums of Fine Arts, the Comic Strip Center, Ilot Sacrè and the Magritte Museum, home to works of art like the famous “L’Empire des Lumieres”. Find out where to stay and what to visit in the wonderful city of Brussels and contact Halldis so you can find the perfect apartment.

Apartments in Brussels

Palazzo Michel-Ange

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