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Naples is a varied city, where the colours, flavours and fragrances of a fertile land blend together. Boasting magnetic contrasts, it should be listed high up on the list of cities to be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Discover Napoli

Whether you are on a business trip or on holiday, Naples will welcome you with the distinctive warmth of the cities of Southern Italy.

The capital of Campania is a city of Greek origin that has reinvented itself over the centuries. It is best for inexperienced travellers to dismiss the common rumours about the city and to embrace its still much-admired potential. Today it is a destination for many tourists who visit the city every day to appreciate its characterful streets and to sample its local cuisine and typical gastronomic products.

One of the distinctive features of Naples is that it faces the sea: it is therefore advisable to plan at least one leisurely stroll along the seafront so that you can enjoy the pleasant breeze that blows even during the summer months, as well as the view of Capri from the coast. Depending on whether you would like to spend a holiday oriented around culture or traditional cuisine, you can find apartments in different areas of the city.

The best neighborhood for a stay in Naples is still its historic centre. Taking a leisurely stroll through the narrow alleys that make up the streets of the old town, you can find numerous interesting sites: university buildings, churches and architectural monuments of various kinds, excavations, historic buildings, old shops, archaeological sites, etc. It is actually one of the largest historic centres in Europe and has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status.

Apartments in Napoli

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