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Multi-faceted island, surrounded by crystal-clear water, which laps the white sandy beaches and wild coves, Sardinia is home to many unspoiled areas where visitors can admire unique landscapes.

Discover Sardegna

If you opt to travel to Sardinia for your holidays, you’ll be amazed by the quantity and variety of places to visit and the rich culture to be found in each tiny village.

Nature is king in Sardinia - with many species of flora and fauna that are nowhere else to be found. There are plenty of beautiful spots to discover in Sardinia, from the beaches to the mountains, particularly the Gennargentu massif. Tourists will find themselves surrounded by stunning natural scenery, while the hospitality of the Sardinian people - with their ancient, fascinating traditions - will bring colour to their stay. Scattered across the island are ancient, mysterious constructions known as Nuraghi. Dating back to the 2nd millennium BC, they are the perfect excursion for lovers of history and archaeology.

Sardinia is the perfect destination for anyone looking to spend some time focusing on total relaxation. The island feels like a land unto itself, where time seems to have stood still. Tourists have plenty of destinations to choose from in Sardinia - from the north to the south, the island is home to many locations capable of delivering unique experiences. Warm hospitality, gorgeous villages, bold flavours and impressive sea views can be found all over the island.

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