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Versilia - Forte dei Marmi

Tuscany is a region packed with beauty, history and good food - but that’s not all. If you’re looking for spectacular beaches and a taste of the high life, Versilia is the place for you.

Discover Versilia - Forte dei Marmi

If you want to escape big cities, Versilia is the perfect destination. Its beaches, beautiful corners and fashionable lifestyle are the ideal antidote to urban chaos.

In the summer months, the best places to stay in Versilia are definitely Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi, but we recommend that you don’t overlook Marina di Pietrasanta and Lido di Camaiore: they’re less well-known, but still offer plenty of services and attractions for tourists.

A must-visit location is Viareggio, the city synonymous with masks and its famous carnival. An Art Deco gem, Viareggio is a pristine place steeped in history. Its seafront - known as “La Passeggiata” - is home to the main local attractions.

Together with Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi is probably the most well-known seaside resort in the area. Villas surrounded by gardens, VIP bars and restaurants, fine sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife are the elements that attract tourists to Forte dei Marmi from all over the world. Forte dei Marmi’s most famous bar is undoubtedly La Capannina dei Franceschi, which opened its doors in 1929 and is still going strong. Villas are another of the city’s great strengths, with many being designed by world-famous architects such as Giovanni Michelucci, Giò Ponti and Giuseppe Pagano.

Finally, Pietrasanta is the birthplace of Giosuè Carducci and represents a popular destination with art lovers. As you explore the Romanesque churches and Gothic towers, you’ll be sure to be left open-mouthed. The historic centre is widely considered to be an open-air museum.

Villas in Versilia - Forte dei Marmi

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